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Gail Feiger Brown, Clerk

Welcome! As the Clerk of Moraine Township, I serve our busy Township in a variety of capacities.

As Clerk to the Board of Trustees, I am responsible for developing and posting the agendas, transcribing and posting the minutes, and maintaining accurate records of all other Township meeting business including executive sessions, special meetings, proclamations, resolutions and other special notices. Meeting notices and agendas are posted online and at the Township Office. Members of the public are always welcome at our board meetings, which are held the second and fourth Thursdays at 5:30 p.m.. Board meetings are held at the Township Office at 800 Central Avenue, Highland Park. Note that the Annual Town Meeting will be held on April 13, 2021 at 6:00 pm, location TBA.

I serve as the Township's Freedom of Information Officer. Click here for FOIA access information.

As Clerk, I am also the local election authority, responsible for accepting petitions concerning local elections and/or referendums concerning the Township or any entities within it. The Clerk also oversees local Voter Registration. All are explained in greater detail further down this page under individual subheads.

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Additional Clerk Responsibilities and Services

  • Administer oaths for such events as newly installed members of the Board, Assessor or Chair of Annual Meeting
  • Take affidavits, as required by law
  • Maintain all Township records (except for General and Emergency Assistance case records, which are kept in the strictest of confidence within the Supervisor's Office) including overseeing the review, storage and disposal of records in accordance with Illinois state statute
  • Offer free notary service
  • Convener of the Annual Town Meeting the first Tuesday evening of every April
  • Non-voting member of the Board of Trustees except in the case of a tie vote to fill a vacancy on the Township Board
  • Certify annually to the County Clerk the amount of taxes required to be raised for all Township purposes, as required by state statute and local ordinance.
  • File with the office of the County Clerk a list of all Township officials elected or appointed

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve. Please call me with questions or concerns.

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Voting is an important right for all citizens of the United States. Voter Registration is available at the Township Office during regular business hours, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday at 800 Central Avenue, Highland Park through March 9, 2021 or at the Lake County Clerks office. You can now also register online, by mail, during early voting, or on Election Day. Requirements and other locations.

To register to vote, bring two forms of identification–one with your name and current address. You must be a United States citizen, 18 years old by the next election (a 17-year-old can register as long as his/her birthday is on or before the date of the next election) and have resided in the voting precinct for 30 days prior to the next election.

We encourage all of our young adults turning 18 before the next election to come in and fill out the registration application, as well as all newcomers to our community.

Grace period registration is available at the Lake County Clerk's office, 18 North Country Street, Waukegan. Grace period registration is March 1 to April 5, 2021. Voter registration reopens the second day following an election.

Voting Options
Voting by mail, early, or on Election Day allows you to choose the option that best suits your busy schedule and lifestyle. For more information, click here.

Voter Power
Registered voters can log on to to find one-click personalized voting information:

  • Confirm you are registered with current name and address
  • Print your personalized sample ballot prior to Election Day
  • Submit the required application to receive a ballot by mail
  • Track clerks receipt of your ballot, if voting by mail
  • Find your assigned Election Day and all early voting site locations including driving directions and map
  • Find your current representative districts and elected officials

Lake County provides online information and registration at their Voter Registration page.

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Address changes can also be processed by the Township Office. Bring two pieces of valid ID (one with your current address). Complete and sign a Change of Address card, and we will submit it for you to the County Clerk's Office.

Number of Registered Voters in Lake County as of January 16, 2020 is about 460,823. In Moraine Township, it is about 25,422.

Voter turnout 306,829 votes were cast in Lake County in the 2016 Presidential election, representing a voter turnout of over 71% of those registered at the time. In Moraine Township, the turnout averaged about 77%. Statistics are less impressive for local or Primary elections, although Moraine voter participation is above average. The April 2017 consolidated (local) election turnout was just 16.08% in Lake County, but Moraine Township turnout was 25.75%.

Make sure you and everyone in your family are each registered to vote at their current address.

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For detailed voter and election services information, contact the County Clerk's office at (847) 377-2314 or go to the County Clerk's website at

Link for access to all Lake County voter services information from registration to where to vote to election calendar and your ballot.

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For most residents of this township in person Early Voting will be conducted at the Highland Park Country Club, located at 1201 Park Avenue West, Highland Park, March 22-April 3, 2021. Moraine Township residents who live in Lake Forest (Precinct 203), will continue to vote at Lake Forest City Hall, 220 East Deerpath Road, Lake Forest, see below. Early voting is also available at the Lake County Clerk's office and state mandated sites.

Click HERE for detailed current and past election results.

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Future Election Dates
Next up on the election calendar is the Consolidated Election on April 6, 2021 for Township, Municipal, Park District, and School District officials.

See Lake County Clerk's calendar page for details.

Early Voting is available to any registered voter. No reason is needed to qualify. Early voting will be held at the Highland Park Country Club

Vote By Mail permits any registered voter to receive a ballot by mail, without reference to "early" or "absentee." One-time requests for a ballot can be made via a form provided online at the County Clerk’s website (, by email at; or by calling (847) 377-2406.

For voters who prefer to vote from home, the Lake County Clerk's Office offers a permanent voting by mail program. Enrollment forms are available in the Township Office as well as online from the County Clerk’s Office. Permanent voting by mail helps reduce printing costs. Those voting by mail must complete an application for each election before receiving a ballot. Registered voters who enroll in the program will automatically receive such applications. As required by state law, voting by mail requests cannot be processed until 40 days prior to each Election Day (or later, subject to final certification of candidates by the State Board of Elections). Ballots cannot be mailed any later than the Thursday before an election. Please note: voters requesting a ballot prior to Election Day are not entitled to cast a ballot on Election Day.

Visit the Lake County Voter Power page ( to confirm your registration status in Lake County. Go to their Voter Registration page for online registration form or call the County Clerk's office at (847) 377-2410 or Moraine Township (847) 432-3240 for more information about voter registration.

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Early Voting For most residents of this township, in person Early Voting will now be conducted at the Highland Park Country Club, located at 1201 Park Avenue West, Highland Park. Moraine Township residents who live in Lake Forest (Precinct 203), will continue to vote at Lake Forest City Hall, 220 East Deerpath Road, Lake Forest.

Election Judges
The County is always actively recruiting Election Day judges. All registered voters who may be interested in this very part-time position are encouraged to find out more about serving your community in this capacity. We invite our youngest voters to consider this activity, too; the energy and adaptability of 18-year-olds is hard to beat!

Click HERE for detailed information on the duties, training, selection, compensation and more, for Election Judges.

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Polling Information
The voter identification card is your official source document for determining where to vote. Your polling place is determined by your precinct number and is listed on your voter registration card. If you misplaced or did not receive a Voter ID card, please contact the County Clerk's Voter Registration department at or call (847) 377-2410.

Click here for new polling locations for Moraine's precincts.

Click HERE to see a recent precinct map of Moraine Township.
Click HERE to discover your precinct by street address as well as
polling place locations, addresses and maps.

All polling places are open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Election Days.

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ADA Voting Available in Township Polling Places.
Click HERE for information on ADA Voting (press release).
Click HERE for complete information from the County Clerk.

Useful Phone Numbers for County Clerk Voter Information
Voter Registration - (847) 377-2410
Early Voting - (847) 377-2314

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777 Central Av, Highland Park IL 60035, 847-432-3240