Moraine Township

Moraine Township Board of Trustees
Thursday, March 25, 2010 7:30 PM
Moraine Township Office

March 25, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 PM by Supervisor Barnes and upon roll call the following members were present: Trustees Bryna Gamson, Margoth Moreno, and Jackie Schechter. Also Present: Clerk Ellen Gussin and Assessor Patty Powers, community members Jane Talesnick, Alexandra Beiriger, Janet Freed, Patricia Favelli, and Bonnie Ferrara. Trustee Dwayne Douglas was absent.

Approval of Minutes
The Regular Meeting Minutes of February 25, 2010 stand approved as written.
The Regular Meeting Minutes of February 11, 2010 are approved as corrected.
The Special Budget Meeting Minutes of February 18, 2010 stand approved as written.
The Executive Sessions Minutes of February 11 and February 25 stand approved as written.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Gamson moved, seconded by Trustee Moreno, approval of the bills. Upon roll call, motion approved.

Public Comment
Pat Favelli read an email from Karyn Davidman of Karen May’s office and asked the Board about the veracity of the contents. Supervisor Barnes commented that the letter misrepresented the Township in some specifics concerning Mooney Cemetery and stated that the Board will make an educated decision on how to correct the flooding problem. She also reported that most of the cemetery was dry when she visited the day before this meeting.

Agency Presentations
Highland Park/Highwood Home Child Care Association (HPHHCCA)
Jane Talesnick, Early Childhood Specialist Coordinator passed out old issues of the agency’s newsletter and advised that this is the 14th year of operation. The agency’s mission is to insure that infants and toddlers residing in the area or whose parents work in the area have access to adequate child care. Ms. Talesnick provides referrals for child care home sites, and the parents make their choice of facility. Moraine Township has been funding the Student Supplement Program for young mothers who need child care and wish to continue their education. Two recipients are now in college due to the success of the program which served them during their high school years. The Highland Park Health Foundation gave the agency a grant for a nutrition program, and the agency has received another grant which funds a music teacher who goes into the homes to help with early childhood development through the use of music; the cost for this program is shared by the child care providers. Ms. Talesnick spoke about how these sessions have positively contributed to speech development; she is very proud to be able to serve our own community with these child care services. Trustee Moreno commented that District 112 is working on an education program to help prevent teen pregnancy.

Zacharias Center
Alexandra Beiriger, Grants Manager, passed out brochures from Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center and statistics for Township residents served. She highlighted how grateful the agency is to Moraine Township for its grant and how gratifying to have been able to serve Moraine Township residents for the past 27 years. All services free of charge. Three programs are offered to sexual abuse victims and students in the area, including Advocacy, Counseling and Community Education; the latter is the prevention arm of the agency’s services. Arrangements are usually made to deliver services off-site from the Gurnee office – at the local schools, as necessary. Lake County has recently created the first-ever Sexual Assault Coordinating Council.

Budget Hearing
Supervisor Barnes asked for a motion to go into a Budget Hearing. Trustee Moreno so moved, seconded by Trustee Schechter. Motion passed. Hearing no public comment or discussion concerning the budget, the Hearing was closed, after motion by Trustee Gamson, seconded by Trustee Moreno, to close the Hearing. Motion passed.

Approval of Budget
Supervisor Barnes reported that the engineer she is working with concerning Mooney Cemetery told her that remedial work to eliminate the flooding could cost $50,000 to $60,000, but that the edges of the property would likely still be wet, particularly after precipitation and snow melting. A city official advised Supervisor Barnes to think carefully about spending so much money on this given that this past season was unusually wet. She also asked if we could be assured that the pipe on the west side of the cemetery would not need to be replaced; there is no guarantee. The budget line item for cemetery maintenance could be increased to $85,000 to allow for such work. Trustee Gamson stated that the budget should reflect what the organization plans to do; the Board believes the Township has a responsibility to insure that people can walk in the cemetery. Trustee Schechter suggested the dollars be allocated for the total potential expense. Board recognized that the computer program that has been purchased is necessary to allow accurate record-keeping and public-access to information concerning the cemeteries maintained by the Township. On other parts of the budget, Trustee Gamson questioned the salaries in the Assessor's Office. Assessor Powers explained that the line item includes the potential of a new hire since her time at Assessor meetings is frequently preventing her from finishing the work she formerly completed as Deputy Assessor. There may also be a need to hire temporary, summer employees. Assessor Powers will look carefully at the numbers to see if the total can be reduced. Board agreed the budget should not be approved tonight, before the Assessor’s Office salary line item is known and when Trustee Douglas is present. Budget Approval will be on the April 29 meeting agenda.

Employee Manual Update
Supervisor Barnes stated that there are two resolutions to include:
System Security and Emergency Preparedness Plan
Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
Trustee Moreno moved, seconded by Trustee Gamson, that the resolutions be approved. Motion passed.

Adoption of April 13 Annual Meeting Agenda
Supervisor Barnes explained that there is now a regulation requiring the Board of Trustees to approve the Agenda for the Township Annual Meeting. There is also a March 1 deadline for any citizen of the Township to present agenda items for consideration; Township has received none. Annual meeting is on April 13, 2010 at 6PM at the Township Office. The Agenda was distributed. Trustee Schechter moved, seconded by Trustee Gamson, adoption of the April 13 Agenda. Motion passed.

Assessor’s Report
Patty Powers reported that nothing is new. Office continues to look at the 2010 assessments and the sales by neighborhoods. Trustee Gamson questioned the number of foreclosures; Assessor Powers reported that foreclosures are not quantified specifically but are within the neighborhood reports. Permit follow-up work is being completed by Mark McCraren and recorded on the property cards.

Supervisor’s Report
• A W-9 Form is required when we assist anyone with rent, and Supervisor Barnes reports that there are landlords that are very reluctant to provide the form. She wanted to apprise the Board of the situation.

• A meeting took place several weeks ago with the personnel in charge of youth services for Highland Park to brainstorm ways to work together for community service assignments. Don Minor of the Highland Park Youth Services also invited the Highland Park Hospital and Health Department to participate.

• YWCA is now the place to go for breast cancer screening now.

• There are Pantry Plants Garden Project posters available for distribution to help recruit volunteers.

• St. James Church is doing a mini food pantry, totally volunteer-based and with no refrigeration; the Township has offered to help explain food stamps to their personnel and recipients.

Latino Advisory Committee
Next meeting has not been set – Trustee Moreno has had difficulty in getting Paul Martinez to respond; it may be time to appoint a new Chairperson.

Citizen Grant Advisory Committee
Two meetings have been held and the report will be presented at the April 29 meeting. Wendi Ezgur will be covering for Chairperson Harry Crane. The group is extremely committed to the process and there is cooperative consensus among the members.

• Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee/LCCTSC continues to meet to develop a plan for transportation throughout Lake County; the consulting group is most helpful. One of the items being considered is how to coordinate transportation beyond PACE, such as the type of services offered by townships. Moraine Township might be able to offer our vans on Saturdays.

• Website is up to date.

• There will be a free program on April 19, entitled, “Selling Yourself in an Electronic Job Market: A View From Inside LinkedIn.” It will be held at the Highland Park Library from 11:45 to 1:30. Participants are encouraged to bring lunch; Township will provide beverages and dessert. Mike Gamson will talk about LinkedIn, and many resource partners will be on hand as well.

• Trustee Schechter questioned whether the Township van could be used to take people to and from the garden if transportation is an issue; Board thought this a good idea.

Unfinished Business
Trustee Schechter has visited the woman in Highwood that had been having difficulty getting in and out of her home because of her disability. She met with the daughter and they identified some alternatives for adjusting the home entrance. Trustee Schechter reported concern about this woman needing more care than she presently has at home.

New Business

At the request of Supervisor Barnes, Trustee Schechter moved, seconded by Trustee Gamson, that the Board go into Executive Session to discuss litigation. Motion passed, and at 9:05 PM the Board went into Executive Session. At 9:30 the Board came out of Executive Session.

With no further business to conduct, Trustee Moreno moved, seconded by Trustee Gamson, the meeting be adjourned at 9:31 PM. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen S. Gussin
Moraine Township Clerk


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