Moraine Township

Moraine Township Board of Trustees
Thursday, October 14, 2010 5:00 PM
Moraine Township Office

October 14, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 5:02 PM by Supervisor Mari Barnes and upon roll call the following members were present: Trustees Dwayne Douglas, Bryna Gamson, Margoth Moreno, and Jackie Schechter. Also present: Ellen Gussin, Jordan Friedman, Bob Wolf and Elsi Rodriguez

Approval of Minutes
The Regular Meeting Minutes of September 16, 2010 stand approved as written and distributed.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Schechter moved, seconded by Trustee Gamson, approval of the bills. Upon roll call, motion carried.

Public Comment

Agency Reports
Bob Wolf, Executive Director, Family Service, advised the Board of the three-year plan just completed, which was driven by the 2010 Census findings which show that the southeast quadrant of Lake County has experienced a net population decline of 1% but 41% of all Lake County seniors reside in this quadrant. Also there are 8% fewer living units since the last Census. The Latino population has increased by 31% and Latinos now comprises 18% of the population of this quadrant. The Latino Initiative is a partnership between Family Service and the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago; it began two years ago with a needs assessment, and a key finding was the need to find ways to involve Latino families with the school system. The use of the Highland Park High School gymnasium on Sundays has been extremely successful, drawing as many as 235 people each week. The Counseling Program serves 450 individuals in Highland Park and Highwood of which approximately one-third are Latino.
  The search for a new home for the Nuestro Center continues after exploring five different potential locations. They are currently looking at the old State Farm Insurance Office in Highwood on North Avenue across from a park. It has 700 feet on each of two levels. Youth Build of Lake County has provided an estimate of $52,000 to build out the space to Nuestro’s specifications. The landlord is offering a five-year lease and will be approached to share in the construction costs. A tenant on the second floor will not be vacation until the end of the current calendar year. School District 112 will continue to provide space for Nuestro’s programs at Oak Terrace School until the new space is available. Township Board reiterated its prior support and agreement to contribute $50,000 to Nuestro when they have a formal proposal available for review.

Jordan Friedman, Executive Director, Family Network, thanked the Board for its continuing support and distributed a page highlighting its programs, including the Parent/Child Center, Right from the Start (RFTS), and The After School Activity Program (ASAP.) They also started a Financial Literacy program last year with a grant from Metropolitan United Way and expanded their fitness and nutrition classes at Oak Terrace School. Jordan praised Principal Sandy Anderson, stating, “She is a wonderful treasure to the community.” There are many more families needing scholarship support for the RFTS Program, and some families are not availing themselves of the programs because they say their lives are too chaotic because of the economic downturn. As a result, the number of latch-key kids increases. The Program’s census has dropped to 65 this year from about 70 last year. Family Network is dedicated to continuing to try to provide programs that families say they need, and they collaborate with other agencies to avoid duplication.

Assessor’s Report

Supervisor’s Report
The Township meeting scheduled for October 28 will start at 6:45 PM to allow Trish Lenzini, Chief Deputy Assessor, to begin to prepare the Board regarding the upcoming tax levy.

Moraine Township will be participating in the Highwood Pumpkin Festival on Wednesday, October 20, beginning at 11 AM. We were supposed to be at the Recreation Center but no one had signed up, so we will move to the main pumpkin carving site, and a sign will be posted at the Rec. Center regarding the new location. Supervisor Barnes asked for volunteers for the event.

Senator Susan Garrett and the Supervisors of Moraine, West Deerfield and Shields Townships met to plan an event to be held on Monday, November 15, from 1 to 4 PM at the Highland Park Country Club entitled, “Options and Opportunities.” It will be a resource fair to focus on services available for residents/constituents with a focus on seniors. Supervisor Barnes asked the Board to plan on being at the event.

Latino Advisory Committee
Most of the discussion at the October 6 meeting concerned how to involve the Latino Community in the Highwood Pumpkin Festival as well as the translated flyer about the Moraine Township services which should be available at these meetings. The next meeting is on November 1.

Food Pantry and Pantry Plants Garden Project
All fruits and vegetables have been harvested. Supervisor Barnes distributed the Food Pantry Questionnaire of the most- and least-requested items – everything on the list except for tortillas are usually in stock at the Pantry.

Trustee Gamson reported on how well the “Creating and Sustaining Green Schoolyards” program went today at the Highland Park Library. She also announced a program on Saturday, October 23, from 10 AM to 5 PM, at Hidden Creek Aquapark. Abt Electronics will be providing a recycling container for bulky white styrofoam packing materials; the event is sponsored by Anne Flanigan Bassi, Lake County Board member, Moraine Township, and the Park District of Highland Park.

Unfinished Business
Tim Horsley was at Mooney Cemetery to complete the cemetery assessment. He collected all the data in four days but it will take him several months to sort through the data and submit a report due to his time limitations. The Cemetery is looking very good, and Horsley commented upon inspection that the grounds are in good condition, not as rocky as he would have thought, and he does not think the flooding problem is any worse than other cemeteries.

New Business

With no further business to conduct, Trustee Schechter moved, seconded by Trustee Moreno, the meeting be adjourned at 6:37 PM. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen S. Gussin, Moraine Township Clerk


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