Moraine Township

Moraine Township Board of Trustees
Thursday, July 12, 2012 5:30 PM
Moraine Township Office

July 12, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM, and upon roll call the following members were present: Supervisor Mari Barnes; Trustees Bryna Gamson, Margoth Moreno and Jackie Schechter. Clerk Gussin was absent. Also Present: Janet Freed, Paula Peddle, Grizell Toledo, Shannon Mosier and Alexandra Beiriger of Zacharias.

Approval of Minutes
The Regular Meeting Minutes of June 28, 2012 stand approved as distributed.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Jackie Schechter moved, seconded by Trustee Margoth Moreno, approval of the bills for the period of July1-15, 2012 in the amount of $30,340.55 for Town Fund and $6,292.29 for General Assistance. Upon roll call, motion carried.

Supervisor Barnes explained the funds used to pay a portion of the electric bills for qualifying low income seniors since the Lake County LIHEAP assistance program was not available for the summer. Since this summer has been exceptionally hot so far, the board agreed that the township could pay out another stipend even to the same seniors in order to encourage them to use their air conditioners and fans in the heat.

Supervisor Barnes also noted the transfer of funds into other banks in the community in form of Certificate of Deposits.

Public Comment

Agency Presentation
Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center
Alexandra Beiriger, Grants Manager

Alexandra Beiriger as the grant manager for Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center thanked the township for the grant to Zacharias this year. They are most grateful for the township assistance and are proud to partner with Moraine Township along with other agencies such as the Highland Park Police, Highwood Police and Highland Park Hospital in order to help victims of sexual abuse or violence in the healing process.

Their program served 3,460 township residents in the fiscal year. Of this number 3,040 were students, parents and teachers who received the community education workshops. Education programs are for students, parents and teachers.

Zacharias anticipates arriving within an hour of being called to provide immediate support and advocacy. Psychological counseling is available in short-term and long-term settings. Prevention educational programs such as Child Assault Prevention (CAP) and Teen Assault Prevention (TAP) are provided through the Zacharias Center.

In April of this year as new educational program was unveiled referred to as Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) for older teens. The aim is to help preventing alcohol abuse and alcohol related sexual abuse as well as instruction on where to go for help and who to go to for help.

In an assembly for seniors at Highland Park High School called "Beyond High School" the Zacharias staff spoke the students about standing against peer pressure, bullying, dating violence and victim blaming and how to help classmates who have faced dating violence or abuse.

Zacharias has recently added two alternative therapy methods for survivors in counseling at their recently created Healing Studio located in their Gurnee building. Art therapy is used as a tool of expression, allowing the client to articulate their emotional response to trauma and related feeling to a therapist. Art therapy may either be applied one-on-one or as a group and may be beneficial to children, teens and adults alike. The Chicago Botanic Gardens will be partnering with Zacharias with horticulture therapy in which the garden staff will be training Zacharias counselors to provide this type of therapy.

Action Items
A redraft of the van policy was presented and discussed in regards to those residents living in "for profit" facilities within the township borders. In some cases the facility management actually absorbs the fee cost and not the individual. Also facilities have their own van to transport people to medical appointments; it is just cheaper to use the township van. For our van scheduler the "for profit" facilities would be identified by building address rather than the name of the rider. A fee increase for those living in "for profit" facilities was discussed and tentatively a fee of $8 per trip for inside the township and a fee of $12 per trip for outside the township borders seemed satisfactory. Supervisor Barnes pointed out that the township van service always has the option of adjusting fees by individual riders as needed. Trustee Gamson suggested there may yet be some minor changes to the policy and that all take the time to digest tonight's discussion and move this matter to the next board meeting. All board members present were in agreement.

Assessor's Report

Supervisor's Report
The Township was represented in Highland Park's Fourth of July Parade with Trustee Gamson, Paula Peddle and her son Brandon Peddle walking along side our transportation van driven by Bud Powell. A hot time had by all!

While figures have not yet been received from the landscape architect, Supervisor Barnes feels that in this drought, it would not be prudent to plant anyway. The use and cost of water as well as the cost of paying someone to be out at the cemetery daily to water might even be considered irresponsible. It is possible that the township may be able to apply for a grant regarding pervious asphalt and/or changes and plantings that lead to a greener open space.

Latino Advisory Committee
No meetings; no reports

Pantry Plants Garden Project
The ACT group continues to work out at the garden. The garden volunteer coordinator Sam Perio has the need for 8-10 more volunteers. New volunteers can come to the garden on Saturday mornings between 8 to 10, or call Sam to set up a meeting time with him to learn what is needed.

It is that time of year for the township to apply for the grant for our own van service. Trustee Gamson is working on that grant application.

Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee (LCCTSC)
Meets next week.

Human Relations Commission of Highland Park
Nothing to report.

Community Family Center
Nothing to report.

Unfinished Business

New Business
With everyone's summer schedule, Supervisor Barnes asked who will not be able to attend the meetings of July 26th and/or August 16th . It is possible to cancel one meeting but not both. Clerk Gussin will send an email to all regarding the schedule.

As a reminder in September the elected salaries for the next term will be discussed.

Trustee Gamson asked which grant checks are still outstanding. Tri-Con is the only check not cashed as of yesterday although the township had received a nice thank you note. A phone call was made yesterday and this check should be cashed before the week is out.

With no further business to conduct, Jackie Schechter moved, seconded by Trustee Margoth Moreno, the meeting be adjourned at 6:09 PM. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen S. Gussin, Moraine Township Clerk


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