Moraine Township

Moraine Township Board of Trustees
Thursday, June 28, 2012 7:00 PM
Moraine Township Office

June 28, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM, and upon roll call the following members were present: Supervisor Mari Barnes; Trustees Dwayne Douglas, Bryna Gamson, and Jackie Schechter. Trustee Margoth Moreno was absent. Also Present: Clerk Ellen Gussin, Assessor Patty Powers, Paula Peddle, Grizell Toledo, and Shannon Mosier

Approval of Minutes
The Regular Meeting Minutes of June 14, 2012 stand approved as distributed.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Gamson moved, seconded by Trustee Douglas, approval of the bills for the period of June 1-15, 2012 in the amount of $33,344.87 for Town Fund and $8,633.35 for General Assistance, and for the period of June 16-30, 2012 in the amount of $45,236.49 for Town Fund and $11,707.94 for General Assistance. Upon roll call, motion carried.

Trustee Schechter moved, seconded by Trustee Douglas, that the Board approve the changes recommended for the contingency funds as detailed on the attached [in office file] Services Transaction Detail by Account. Motion passed.

Public Comment

Agency Presentation

Action Items
Mooney Cemetery – Supervisor Barnes summarized for the Board the presentation made by the landscape architect at the Cemetery Board meeting preceding the last Township meeting. She stated that she is getting quotes on the driveway construction and asked if the Board still wants to go forward with the plantings in the front of the cemetery. The Board agreed to go forward with getting estimates for the road and scheduling the new plantings in the front, and also agreed that once the costs have been presented, a long range plan should be adopted for the cemetery, specifying the dollar amount to be spent in the current fiscal year as well the dollars recommended for expenditure in future years to complete the entire project. Planting would not be done until the end of the summer, and additional trees that were identified by the architect need to be removed. The Board would like to see the new driveway completed before winter if possible. There is $25,000 in the Cemetery budget and additional funds are available in the Town Fund.

Prevailing Wage Ordinance – Law requires each Township to pass a prevailing wage ordinance each year, and Supervisor Barnes asked the Board to approve the Ordinance prepared for this year. Trustee Douglas so moved, and Trustee Schechter seconded. Motion passed.

Van Transportation Program – Supervisor Barnes presented the Draft of the Door to Door Van Transportation Policy to the Board, recommending changes for riders coming from nursing home facilities versus a private residence. After discussion, the Board agreed that Supervisor Barnes should redraft the Policy. A suggestion to double the cost of each trip within the Township borders and increase it further for trips outside of the Township borders is under consideration.

Assessor's Report
Assessor Powers reported that the Assessor's Office is working on the books which will be published in August. The Senior Freeze forms are due the first week in July; forms are available at the Assessor's Office and help is offered to those that need.

Supervisor's Report
Fourth of July parade will be held on Wednesday and all are invited to walk with the Township. Highwood Festival Days parade is Sunday, July 29, and all are invited to participate.

No further report beyond the discussion under Action Items at this meeting.

Latino Advisory Committee
Trustee Douglas is unaware of the meeting schedule.

Pantry Plants Garden Project
Volunteers are working on the Pantry Plants and lots of watering is required due to the drought.

It is time for the Township to apply to the Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park.

Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee (LCCTSC)
A new logo has been designed by Trustee Gamson and adopted by the Committee. There is an effort to coordinate transportation for dialysis patients with West Deerfield Township.

Human Relations Commission of Highland Park
Next meeting is October 4.

Community Family Center
There has been no meeting since the last report.

Unfinished Business

New Business
Citizen Grant Advisory Committee will sponsor another grantsmanship workshop in the fall with details to follow. The Township received thank you letters from many of the agencies upon receipt of the grants and many have already scheduled presentations.

With no further business to conduct, Trustee Schechter moved, seconded by Trustee Douglas, the meeting be adjourned at 8:10 PM. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen S. Gussin, Moraine Township Clerk


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