Moraine Township

February 13, 2014, 5:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM, and upon roll call the following members were present: Supervisor Anne Flanigan Bassi; Trustees Olga Gomez Aguilar and Amy Zisook. Absent: Trustees Dwayne Douglas and Cindy Wolfson. Also Present: Clerk Gail Feiger Brown, Assessor Cynthia Plouche, Susan Bell (College Bound Opportunities), Jodi Weinberg (Focus on the Arts), Nancy Bulzoni (Cancer Wellness Center), Bill Mayer (CallOne), Janet Freed and Shannon Mosier.

Public Comment
There were no comment from the public.

Agency Presentations
Susan Bell, College Bound Opportunities (CBO)
CBO is a mentoring organization serving high achieving low-income students in Districts 113 and 115 (Lake Forest). CBO and its 140 community volunteer mentors provide individualized support for six years, including the college application process, accessing financial aid, financial support in college, summer internship and career support. 72% of the students are from Moraine Township. Moraine's funding helped expand ACT classes.

Jodi Weinberg, Focus on the Arts
Highland Park High School's Focus on the Arts is a three day/four night festival celebrating the arts, held every two years at HPHS. Focus is in its off year this year. 2014 will be the 25th Focus. 1000 people attend the evening events on art, dance and movies, which are free, ADA accessible, and open to the community. Community members may also attend classes and performances during the day.

Nancy Bulzoni, Cancer Wellness Center
Cancer Wellness Center, based in Northbrook, offers programs for cancer patients, their families and friends. All services are free of charge. Individual, couple, family and group counseling are provided. Other programs include genetic counseling, speakers on particular diseases, wellness programs, adaptive practices, pre-, mid- and post- treatment support, and special counseling for terminal cases. 25% of their clients live on fixed incomes. A bilingual therapist is on staff. Moraine's funding supports counseling.

Approval of Minutes
Trustee Aguilar moved, seconded by Trustee Zisook approval of the Regular Meeting Minutes of January 23, 2014. Upon voice vote, the motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Zisook moved, seconded by Trustee Aguilar, approval of the bills January 16-31, 2014: $42,421.00 Town Fund, $8,465.21 General Assistance. Upon roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.

Action Items
CallOne Telephone Analysis Bill Mayer
Bill Mayer presented a proposal for Moraine to switch telephone service from AT&T to CallOne, saving almost $4,000/year. References were checked for the City of Highland Park, other municipalities, school districts and townships, and all replied the move had been seamless. Trustee Zisook moved, seconded by Trustee Aguilar to accept the proposal to switch to CallOne from AT&T. Upon voice vote, the motion carried unanimously.

Line Item Transfers Within Budget Categories
Trustee Aguilar moved, seconded by Trustee Zisook Line Item Transfers Within Budget Categories, to restore funds that were transferred earlier, which are attached to the minutes. Upon roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.


  • Assessor's Report Cynthia Plouché
  • No report.

  • Supervisor's Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • Three produce buyers Kathy Newcomb, Barb Lippai and Peg Laemle, are purchasing produce weekly at discounted rates from Sunset Foods and Garden Fresh. Sunset Foods also donating bruised produce and two day old bakery goods. Purchases are made possible through a grant from Congregation Solel. Linda Contreras is working with the buyers buy appropriate items.
    • Moraine purchased a new refrigerator/freezer for the food pantry, to store the additional produce and dairy items.
    • Thanks to Lincoln and Red Oak Schools for food pantry donations collected from food drives at their schools.
    • Thanks to Judy Bernstein and other residents for asking guests to make food pantry gifts in lieu of gifts for their celebrations.
    • Thanks to Dottie and Joe Palumbo for making a donation to cover the purchase of produce in February.
    • Laura Biagi of Highwood has been appointed to the Grant Committee to replace Tatiana Alonso, who was unable to serve.
    • Trustees were given a monthly report of Moraine services during January.
    • The Budget is being worked on, will be given to trustees at the February 27 Board Meeting, and will be voted on in March.
    • Thanks to Sunset Foods for hosting a food drive April 11, 12, and 13, prior to Passover and Easter. Sample bags will be displayed; store patrons will choose a donation amount to be added to their bills. Thanks to Trustee Wolfson for coordinating this event, and to the many community volunteers who have offered to help make it a success.
    • Wi-Fi may be installed at the Moraine office, at minimal cost.
    • The contract with Moraine's auditor Evans, Marshall and Pease was renewed for one year.
    • The Supervisor and Trustee Zisook met with City of Highland Park transportation personnel and senior services personnel to talk about synergies and collaboration. A survey of seniors in Moraine was discussed.

  • Latino Advisory Committee Report Olga Gomez Aguilar
  • The committee will hold a meeting on February 27 at 5:30 PM.

  • Food Pantry Report Amy Zisook
  • Trustee Zisook and Clerk Brown met with NSSD 112 Assistant Superintendent Matt Barbini and Wendy Kane on February 14 to discuss Moraine's assistance in addressing food insecurity in NSSD 112.

  • Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee (LCCTSC) Amy Zisook
  • The Southeast quadrant meeting was cancelled due to weather and rescheduled for March 4. The LCCTSC meeting will be held next week.

  • Community Family Center (CFC) Report
  • No report.

  • Human Relations Commission Report
  • No report.

  • Citizen Grant Advisory Committee Report Gail Feiger Brown
  • Trustee Zisook and Clerk Brown are Board liaisons to this committee, which is chaired by community volunteer Judy Datz. The committee had its initial meeting on February 11; 26 agencies requested $396,000. The committee has been charged with allocating no more than $250,000, adhering to Moraine's mission statement and taking the improved economy for the agencies' donors into consideration.

Old Business

New Business

Executive Session

With no further business to conduct, Trustee Zisook moved, seconded by Trustee Aguilar, the meeting be adjourned at 6:45 PM. Upon voice vote, the motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Feiger Brown, Moraine Township Clerk

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