Moraine Township

September 18, 2014, 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., and upon roll call the following members were present: Supervisor Anne Flanigan Bassi, Trustees Dwayne Douglas, Cindy Wolfson and Amy Zisook. Absent: Trustee Olga Gomez Aguilar. Also Present: Clerk Gail Feiger Brown, Jeff Piemonte (videographer) and Rob Anthony (Community Partners for Affordable Housing, CPAH).

Public Comment
There were no comment from the public.

Agency Presentation
Rob Anthony, Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH)
The Township was thanked for its grant. CPAH provides access to affordable quality housing in Highland Park, Lake Forest and Evanston, by partnering with low to moderate income residents who work in the community. CPAH added 15 units last year, serving 18 families. Affordable rental housing in the Township is still a critical unmet need. For sale homes are available now; rental units will be available in early 2015. There are currently 39 units in the Township. CPAH added three completed/occupied units in the Township over the past year. Additionally, CPAH acquired two more units that they are currently in the process of rehabilitating.

Approval of Minutes
Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Wolfson, approval of the Regular Meeting Minutes of September 4, 2014. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Zisook, approval of the bills September 1-15, 2014: $33,355.03 Town Fund, $4,919.93 General Assistance. Voting Aye by Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Douglas, Wolfson and Zisook; Voting Nay: None.

Action Items

  • Resolution for Semi Annual Review of Closed Session Minutes
  • Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Zisook to table the Resolution to the end of the Agenda. Voting Aye by Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Aguilar, Douglas, Wolfson and Zisook; Voting Nay: none.
  • Adoption of 2015 Regular Meeting Schedule
  • Trustee Zisook moved, seconded by Trustee Douglas Adoption of a 2015 Regular Meeting Schedule. Voting Aye by Roll Call Vote; Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Douglas, Wolfson and Zisook; Voting Nay: None.


  • Assessor's Report
  • None.

  • Supervisor's Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • Trustees were given a report of Township services for the month of August and twelve month period September, 2013 through August, 2014.
    • The Pantry Plants Garden will be moved to higher ground at the same location due to flooding issues. Thanks to the Park District of Highland Park for partnering with us on this valuable effort.
    • City of Highland Park is having a help day on September 20. Volunteers from the City will help in our Pantry and Garden.
    • The Township was notified by the Lake County Clerk's office that the CPI for tax year is 1.5%.
    • Thanks to Pablo Alvarez and the Latino Advisory Committee for a highly successful open house, which was attended by many families and agency representatives. 25 new families signed up for the Food Pantry.
    • Thanks to videographer Jeff Piemonte.

  • Latino Advisory Committee Report
  • See Supervisor's Report.

  • Food Insecurity Issues Report Amy Zisook
  • The school year is underway. The Township is facilitating breakfast and snack programs with individual schools, community members and organizations based on need. Local faith based organizations are also involved.

  • Food Pantry Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
  • Thanks to Sunset Foods, Target, Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme and Heinen's for replenishing Food Pantry shelves. Pantry usage continues to grow and donations are needed.

  • Pantry Plants Garden Report
  • See Supervisor's Report.

  • Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee (LCCTSC)
  • None.

  • Community Family Center (CFC) Report
  • None.

  • Human Relations Commission Report Gail Feiger Brown
  • Clerk Brown attended the Purchase of Service Hearings for some applicants on September 18.

  • Senior Services Task Force Cindy Wolfson
  • Trustee Wolfson and Supervisor Bassi attended a Senior Task Force meeting at the Highland Park Police Station convened by the Highland Park Senior Center. Southeast Lake County Faith In Action also participated. Catholic Charities has taken over the Meals on Wheels program from Highland Park Hospital.

Old Business

New Business

  • Supervisor Bassi informed Trustees that we are going forward with a cloud back-up system for Township computer data.
  • The Township will collaborate with Family Service on health insurance enrollment, making cross-referrals when necessary.
  • Supervisor Bassi discussed the possibility of the Township as a site for the IRS VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program to facilitate assisting seniors and low-income residents.

Resolution for Semi Annual Review of Closed Session Minutes
The Resolution was tabled until the next Regular Board Meeting to be held October 9, 2014.

Executive Session

With no further business to conduct, Trustee Zisook moved, seconded by Trustee Douglas , the meeting be adjourned at 7:36 p.m. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Feiger Brown, Moraine Township Clerk

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