Moraine Township

December 14, 2017, 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at Highwood City Hall, and upon roll call the following members were present: Supervisor Anne Flanigan Bassi, Trustees Pablo Alvarez, Dwayne Douglas, Cindy Wolfson and Amy Zisook.
Also present: Clerk Gail Feiger Brown, Assessor Cynthia Plouché, Administrator Debi Gordon, Bookkeeper Beth Taveirne , Deputy Assessor Patty Powers, Videographer Andrew Brown, Laura Ramirez (A Safe Place), Jean Rock and Edie Sue Sutker (Jewish Child and Family Services), Pam Feinberg (Tri-Con Child Care Center) and Township resident Bill Laegeler.

Administration of Oath of Office to Cynthia Plouché, Moraine Township Assessor
Cynthia Plouché was administered the oath of office for Moraine Township Assessor for a term beginning January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2021. Assessor Plouché was commended and thanked by Supervisor and the Board of Trustees for her service as Assessor for the term January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2017.

Public Comment
There was no comment from the public.

Agency Presentations

  • Laura Ramirez, A Safe Place
  • The Township was thanked for its grant to A Safe Place, which provides services to victims of domestic abuse and their families as the sole provider exclusively addressing domestic violence in Lake County. In the past six months, 38 Moraine Township residents were served with direct services, including civil legal advocacy/orders of protection, safety planning, children's counseling, adult counseling, advocacy and child care. An additional 360 Moraine Township residents were served through group education. Moraine Township residents comprise 4% of the individuals served by A Safe Place.

  • Jean Rock and Edie Sue Sutker, Jewish Child and Family Services (JCFS)
  • The Township was thanked for its grant to JCFS which supports a JCFS clinician who staffs the Connections Drop-In Center at Highland Park High School (HPHS) two days a week. The Drop-In Center serves 20% of the HPHS population (approximately 400 students) as a safe environment, providing walk-in counseling, group counseling, home/hospital coordination, parent consultation, and crisis intervention. There has been an uptick this year of incoming students with anxiety. The Township was also thanked for providing fresh and shelf-stable food to students at the Drop-In Center Food Pantry throughout the school year.

  • Pam Feinberg, Tri-Con Child Care Center (Tri-Con)
  • The Township was thanked its grant which funds scholarships for Township children to enable parents to work. Tri-Con provides high quality early care and education for children of lower-income families, preparing them for Kindergarten at public schools. 90% of Tri-Con families are Township residents. 83% of Tri-Con parents are at very low and low income levels. The scholarships provided by the Township help families who do not receive state funding assistance.

Approval of Minutes
Trustee Zisook moved, seconded by Trustee Alvarez, to approve the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of November 9, 2017. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Moraine Township Credit Card Policy
Trustee Wolfson moved, seconded by Trustee Alvarez, adoption of the Moraine Township Credit Card Policy. Voting Aye by Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Alvarez, Douglas, Wolfson and Zisook; voting Nay: none.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Zisook, approval of the bills for the period November 8, 2017-December 11, 2017 in the following amounts: $16,397.34 General Assistance Fund, $81,329.17 Town Fund. Voting Aye by Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Alvarez, Douglas, Wolfson and Zisook; voting Nay: none.

Action Item

  • Calendar-no action taken or required


  • Assessor's Report Anne Flanigan Bassi for Cynthia Plouché
    • Assessor Plouché thanked the Trustees for their kind remarks.
    • The Assessor's office has received many calls about pre-payment of 2017 real estate taxes. Residents can pre-pay no more than 100% of the prior year real estate taxes through December 29, 2017 at the Lake County Treasurer's office. Bank checks will not be accepted.
    • Appeals hearings concluded before Thanksgiving.

  • Supervisor's Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • Supervisor Bassi distributed to Trustees a service report for the fifteen month period September, 2016 through November, 2017. Services provided to residents in November were up 220 visits over October 2016, and which is up significantly from November, 2016.
    • ACA health insurance enrollment residents through the marketplace with opportunities for subsidies and premiums ends December 15 at midnight. Many thanks to trained volunteer navigators Barbara Altman, Maxine Bonn, Terri Olian and Becky Xavier.
    • Condolences to Door-to-Door Van Service Driver Vince Shumacher on the loss of his brother Anthony. The Township sent flowers to the wake.
    • Supervisor Bassi attended the joint review meeting for Briergate TIF on December 4.
    • Supervisor Bassi and Trustee Alvarez attended the Highland Park Hospital Community Advisory Committee on November 17. Trustee Alvarez is a new member of the committee.
    • General Assistance Manager Lupe Somerville has been providing case worker services at Family Service of Lake County one afternoon in a pilot program. Going forward, her services will be available by appointment only at Nuestro Center.
    • First Bank of Highland Park has changed our checking account to an interest bearing account. Thanks also for their donation of $2,500.00 for the Food Pantry and their sponsorship of the handicap door for the new Food Pantry in the amount of $3,100.00.
    • Public Act 100-554 was passed by Illinois Legislature on November 16, which requires the Township to adopt a Sexual Harassment ordinance and policy within 60 days. Supervisor Bassi has been working with Township Attorney Jim Hartman to make sure the Township is in compliance, and that it covers staff, volunteers, clients and visitors. The Board will vote on the ordinance and policy at the January 11 Board Meeting.
    • Supervisor Bassi received an email from West Deerfield Township Supervisor Alyson Feiger that coordinating on transportation programs does not work for them at this time.
    • The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program will be offered February 3 through April 7, 2018 at the Township office. Thanks to all the volunteers from last year who are returning and to the five new ones joining this year. Thanks to returning co-coordinator Donna Novickas and new co-coordinator Ron Altman. Spanish speaking volunteers or translators who will take Ethics training are needed.
    • Thanks to Jewel Foods for quickly fixing 13 of 30 of Moraine Township's Jewel gift cards which were compromised.
    • A PACE audit determined that there are certification renewal issues for Door-to-Door Van service drivers. Drivers will be recertified in January. Thanks to Staff Linda Contreras for ensuring that resident service will not be disrupted.
    • Welcome to our new bookkeeper Beth Taveirne.
    • The Township will implement a time clock system in January 2018. The new system will be interfaced with our payroll service and result in improved efficiency and accuracy.
    • Thanks to Trustee Wolfson for chairing the Sunset Foods fundraiser December 1, 2 and 3. $12,090.00 was donated at the cash register at checkout in increments of $10.00, $25.00 and $50.00. $1,863.13 was donated anonymously to buckets in the vestibules. Thanks to 50 volunteers who worked in shifts to greet shoppers.
    • Thanks to Clerk Brown and community volunteer Sue Kach for co-chairing the Phyllis Santullano Holiday Drive. 620 children were matched with sponsors, the Township provided food gift cards for Sunset Foods and Jewel Foods. Thanks to our generous community sponsors.
    • Thanks to Trustee Zisook and Clerk Brown for their work on the school vacation breakfast/lunch program, weekend backpack program and high school food donations.
    • Thanks to Trustee Alvarez for chairing and to Trustee Douglas for their work on the Latino Advisory Committee.
    • Thanks to Trustee Douglas for being the Township's representative to Township Officials of Illinois/Lake County and the Lake County Fair.
    • Thanks to Trustees Douglas and Zisook and to Clerk Brown for their work on the Citizen Advisory Grant Committee.
    • Thanks to Assessor Plouché for a cooperative working relationship and for being a wonderful partner.
    • Supervisor Bassi commented on the Township's unique and really special commitment of its elected officials and staff.

  • Buildout Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • Supervisor Bassi distributed cash projections for cash flow.
    • General Contractor Scott Bronson will submit permits to the City of Highland Park the first week of January.

  • Latino Advisory Committee Report Pablo Alvarez
    • The Committee met November 16, featuring guest speaker Jenny Gonzalez of the Direct Giving Lab. The Lab is working with College Bound Opportunities piloting a program with CBO families to give the families monthly grants.
    • Spanish translations on the Moraine Township website are in the process of being reviewed and will be posted soon.

  • Food Insecurity Issues Report Amy Zisook
  • Winter break breakfast/lunch bags for students and their families will be packed by eight volunteers on December 15. Thanks to Josh Zirin and Zack Freed for their assistance.

  • Food Pantry Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • The Click to Equip Registry to fund the buildout of the new Pantry is off to a great start. Many thanks to our generous community for over $25,000.00 in contributions as of December 14, including: anonymous $10,000.00 and $1,000.00 donations; Rotary Club of Highland Park/Highwood's $4,800.00 donation; First Bank of Highland Park's $3,100.00 donation; West Deerfield Township's $400.00 donation; and Josh Zirin's $836.00 donation as part of his Bar Mitzvah project.
    • Staff has been tracking the number of bags of food donated to the Pantry by residents and organizations. Over 400 bags were donated in November. 2800 bags were donated January through November.

  • Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee (LCCTSC)
  • No report.

  • Community Family Center (CFC) Report
  • No report.

  • Human Relations Commission (HRC) Report Gail Feiger Brown
  • The Martin Luther King Day of Service event will be held at the Highland Park Recreation Center on January 15, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and will include a food drive for the Food Pantry.

  • Cemetery Report
  • No report.

Old Business

New Business

Executive Session

With no further business to conduct, Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Alvarez, that the meeting be adjourned at 8:07 p.m. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Feiger Brown, Moraine Township Clerk

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