Moraine Township

November 9, 2017, 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., and upon roll call the following members were present: Supervisor Anne Flanigan Bassi, Trustees Pablo Alvarez, Dwayne Douglas, Cindy Wolfson and Amy Zisook.
Also present: Clerk Gail Feiger Brown, Videographer Clyde Jennings, Melissa Septon (Blessings in a Backpack), Christine Jabeneau (PADS), Bill Laegeler, Administrator Debi Gordon.

Public Comment
There was no comment from the public.

Agency Presentations

  • Melissa Septon, Blessings in a Backpack
  • The Township was thanked for its grant to Highland Park chapter of Blessings in a Backpack. The grant was used to purchase groceries for weekend backpacks for 104 students at 6 different schools in North Shore School District 112.

  • Christine Jabeneau, PADS
  • The Township was thanked for its grant which helped provide shelter and assistance for 24 Moraine Township residents. PADS provides year-round emergency shelter and basic needs, including access to health care, and provides homeless clients with supportive services needed to become permanently housed and independent. PADS is the only emergency shelter in Lake County.

Approval of Minutes
Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Wolfson, to approve the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of October 12, 2017 and October 26, 2017, and Executive Board Meeting Minutes of October 26, 2017. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Alvarez, approval of the bills for the period October 25-November 7, 2017 in the following amounts: $8,610.12 General Assistance Fund, $42,684.68 Town Fund. Voting Aye by Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Alvarez, Douglas, Wolfson and Zisook; voting Nay: none.

Action Item

  • Adoption of 2017 Moraine Township Tax Levy Ordinance 110917
  • Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Zisook, Adoption of 2017 Moraine Township Tax Levy Ordinance 110917 in the amount of $1,235,000.00 for the Town Fund, $100,000.00 for General Assistance Fund, Total $1,335,000.00. During the past five years, the Levy has been reduced 5% in two years and frozen at prior year amounts in the other three years. Voting Aye by Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Alvarez, Douglas, Wolfson and Zisook; voting Nay: none.


  • Assessor's Report Anne Flanigan Bassi for Cynthia Plouche
  • The 2017 Board of Review hearings cycle ends shortly. In Moraine Township to-date, there have been 1,862 total appeals, including condos. This is in addition to approximately 750 reductions and 400 senior exemptions handled directly by the office. Hearings continue through the week of Thanksgiving. Lake County does one mass mailing of decisions for all 18 Townships in early 2018.

  • Supervisor's Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • Supervisor Bassi distributed to Trustees were given a monthly service report for the fifteen month period August, 2016 through October, 2017. Door-to-Door van ride numbers increased significantly.
    • Supervisor Bassi attended the City of Highland Park Joint Review Committee meeting for Briergate TIFF on October 30.
    • Staff Luis Gonzalez is no longer working at the Moraine Township office. He was an invaluable employee who may return to assist with projects as needed.
    • Supervisor Bassi is filing the annual IRS report and the annual Illinois Attorney General report for Moraine Township Charitable Fund, Inc., also known as the Community Chest.
    • Supervisor Bassi is continuing to explore Moraine Township being a passport site. This would be a great service to the community and a revenue producer for the township.
    • Thanks to videographer Clyde Jennings.

  • Buildout Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • Supervisor Bassi distributed to Trustees the cash on hand and estimated costs for the buildout, along with a rough drawing of the buildout. Supervisor Bassi and Administrator Debi Gordon continue to work with the general contractor and sub-contractors to reduce costs.
    • The asphalt work on the parking lot will be performed on November 10.
    • Trustees agreed that Moraine Township should move forward with a contract. IT contracts and JOC contracts will be discussed with Trustees at the next Board meeting.

  • Latino Advisory Committee Report Pablo Alvarez
  • Welcome new member Luis Gonzalez (former Moraine Township employee) and returning member Rosa Machabanski (social worker at Northwood Junior High School). The Committee's next scheduled meeting is November 16.

  • Food Insecurity Issues Report Amy Zisook
  • Trustee Zisook and Clerk Brown distributed food bags to nurses at North Shore School District 112 schools and Highland Park High School (HPHS). One school nurse called for replenishment. Trustee Zisook is meeting with the nurse and social worker to discuss food insecurity needs at that school.

  • Food Pantry Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • Thanks to Trustee Wolfson and Sunset Foods for the upcoming Sunset Foods Fundraiser which will be held December 1, 2 and 3.
    • A local Zumba class is holding a class November 18 at which entry is free with a donation to Food Pantry.
    • Thanks to the following who have helped with the effort to equip the Pantry: Angela Tobin-publicity, Sarah Lippai-website, Peggy Shearan-art work, Georgann Humphrey-art work and graphic design. Trustees were given a price sheet for donations.
    • Thanks to the family on Green Bay Road who brought in many donations from their Halloween house.
    • Thanks to Ravinia Nursery School for holding a food drive.
    • Upcoming food drives include HPHS Stuff a Bus event; the HPHS baseball team is coming in to help sort food on November 20.

  • Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee (LCCTSC) Amy Zisook
  • The market survey results report has been delayed to January, 2018.

  • Community Family Center (CFC) Report
  • Clerk Brown participated in a CFC phone conference board meeting on November 3. Highland Park Community Nursery School and Day Care Center is exploring a new site that may have room for other CFC agencies.

  • Human Relations Commission (HRC) Report
  • No report.

  • Cemetery Report
  • No report.

Old Business

New Business

Executive Session

With no further business to conduct, Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Alvarez, that the meeting be adjourned at 8:20 p.m. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Feiger Brown, Moraine Township Clerk

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