Moraine Township

September 12, 2019, 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., and upon roll call the following members were present: Supervisor Anne Flanigan Bassi, Trustees Pablo Alvarez, Dwayne Douglas and Amy Zisook.
Absent: Trustee Cindy Wolfson.
Also present: Clerk Gail Feiger Brown, Laura Ramirez (A Safe Place), Karen Fay (Center for Enriched Living), and Caryn Fliegler (Josselyn Center).

Public Comment
There was no public comment.

Agency Presentations

  • Laura Ramirez, A Safe Place
  • The Township was thanked for its grant to support victims of domestic violence in the Township. 4200 women and 3100 children in Moraine Township are impacted by domestic violence. The agency has seen a 280% increase in contacts and hours of service to Township residents. A Safe Place holds weekly group therapy and individual appointments at a house of worship in Highland Park.

  • Karen Fay, Center for Enriched Living (CEL)
  • The Township was thanked for its grant to support programming for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the Township. 30 families from Moraine Township are served at their Riverwoods location with social, recreational, employment and adult day programs. The Township is the second largest user of CEL.

  • Caryn Fliegler, Josselyn Center
  • The Township was thanked for its grant to support affordable, comprehensive, and high quality mental health care, including psychiatry. 100 clients are Moraine Township residents, or 8% of their total clients. This represents a 22% increase over last year. Clients pay for services on a sliding fee scale; many clients are also on Medicaid.

Approval of Minutes
Trustee Alvarez moved, seconded by Trustee Douglas, Approval of the Minutes of the August 8, 2019 Special Board Meeting. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Approval of Bills
Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Alvarez, Approval of the bills for the period August 8-September 12, 2019 in the following amounts: $11,580.78 General Assistance Fund, $49,242.84 Town Fund; and for the date September 12, 2019 in the following amount: $175,000.00 2019 Grants to Agencies. Voting Aye by Roll Call Vote: Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Alvarez, Douglas and Zisook; voting Nay: none.

Discussion and tour of building with INSPEC roof consultant
Supervisor Bassi, Trustees Alvarez, Douglas and Wolfson, Assessor Lindsay and Clerk Brown held a discussion with INSPEC roof consultant Tony Loden. The roof consultant led a tour of the building concentrating on the roof. Trustees Alvarez, Douglas and Wolfson and the consultant went up on top of the roof to survey the condition of the roof. The tour ended at 6:23 p.m. and the discussion resumed.


  • Assessor's Report Anne Flanigan Bassi for Mark Lindsay
  • Notice to residents of the Quadrennial reassessment of their property is expected to be mailed to residents and published on October 3, 2019.

  • Supervisor's Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
    • Trustees were given a monthly service report for June, 2018 through August, 2019.
    • Supervisor Bassi anticipated distributing the final audit for the Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2019 to Trustees at the next Board Meeting.
    • Supervisor Bassi and Staff Linda Contreras and Lupe Somerville attended the Lake County Township Supervisors meeting on September 11 for an update on the launch of the 2-1-1 human services help line launch.
    • Supervisor Bassi and Staff Sanela Abazovic met with personnel from the First Bank of Highland Park on August 14 to discuss the fraudulent charges to the Township’s account. The bank has agreed to cover the fraudulent charges and has offered free Positive Pay program for our checking accounts to catch future fraud.
    • Thanks to Highland Park Hospital for their unrestricted donation of $5,000.00 to Moraine Township Charitable Fund, Inc.
    • Supervisor Bassi met with the roofer and roof consultant on September 11. The roof replacement and repairs will likely start at the beginning of October.
    • Supervisor Bassi has explored off-site parking for staff during the 30-day assessment appeal period to free the parking lot for Township clients.
    • Supervisor Bassi attended a meeting at Glenbrook Hospital last week on NorthShore University HealthSystem’s needs assessment report.
    • Supervisor Bassi and Staff Lupe Somerville met on August 27 with housing staff from the City of Highland Park.
    • Township Officials of Illinois requested input from the Board of Trustees on their legislative agenda this fall.
    • Supervisor Bassi is recruiting volunteers to assist with ACA Health Insurance Enrollment, which begins November 1.
    • Thanks to the Pantry client who returned unneeded groceries on September 12 and donated $20.00 to the Pantry after his situation improved.
    • Summer intern Elizabeth Astudillo will continue working at the office through September 20.

  • Latino Advisory Committee Report Pablo Alvarez
  • The Committee met on August 22. Several local agencies sent representatives which resulted in great synergies and networking. The Committee is focusing on outreach and education in the community.

  • Food Insecurity Issues Report Gail Feiger Brown and Amy Zisook
    • 119 school vacation bags were distributed for bag 4. A total of 437 bags were given out over the summer. Parents completed surveys and most were highly satisfied with the program. Distribution times were difficult for some families.
    • School programs for snacks and weekend backpacks are up and running.
    • Trustee Zisook and Clerk Brown met with Oak Terrace Principal Amy Cengel, Associate Principal Jeremy Wickham, and Family Engagement Specialist Luisa Espinosa-Lara on September 6 to discuss the weekend backpack program and a possible open house for Oak Terrace families at the Township office.
    • Food bags for school nurses were distributed to all District 112 schools and also Highland Park High School.

  • Food Pantry Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
  • Staff is working on making procedures more uniform for clients.

  • Pantry Plants Garden Report Anne Flanigan Bassi
  • Supervisor Bassi shared with Trustees pictures of the thriving garden.

  • Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee (LCCTSC)
  • No report.

  • Human Relations Advisory Group Report
  • No report.

  • Cemetery Report Anne Flanigan Bassi on behalf of Cindy Wolfson
  • Stonehuggers Cemetery Restoration informed Trustee Wolfson that they would be unable to perform the work at Daggitt Cemetery this fall; they plan to work the project into their 2020 schedule.

Old Business

New Business
Draft 2020 Regular Board Meeting Schedule Anne Flanigan Bassi
Trustees were given a Draft 2020 Regular Board Meeting Schedule to be approved at the next Regular Board Meeting

Executive Session

With no further business to conduct, Trustee Douglas moved, seconded by Trustee Alvarez that the meeting be adjourned at 8:22 p.m. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Feiger Brown, Moraine Township Clerk

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