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Grassroots Democracy In Action:  Annual Township Meeting April 10

For Immediate Release March 18, 2007
Contact: Ellen Gussin or Mari Barnes (847) 432-3240

Don't miss the chance to protect your studhorn!

Clerk Ellen Gussin, the official recordkeeper for Moraine Township business, has placed legal notice of the annual exercise in democracy that is the Annual Township Meeting.  This year, the meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 10 at 6:00pm in the Moraine Township office, 777 Central Avenue, Highland Park.  All residents are invited to attend.

Held in every township throughout Illinois on the same date, this annual grassroots democratic tradition is often overlooked.  Moraine officials invite all registered voters who have resided in Moraine Township at least 28 days before the date of the meeting to attend.  Electors are eligible to conduct business and vote on matters suggested at the meeting.  In the past, such important matters as removal of animal waste in walkways;  congestion caused by too many wagons; the establishment and maintenance of town cemeteries were on the agenda.

In fact, Minutes of the first Town Meeting, in 1850, dealt with establishing fines if certain male animals were allowed to run loose:  "namely, stud horses, bucks and bulls, shall [not] be free commoners."  Fines specified by electors at the meeting were as much as five dollars on a "studhorn" or buck, two dollars on a bull, and one dollar on a boar.

Electors present can add to the agenda adopted last year by 2006 Township Meeting electors.  It might be wise to attend, just to be sure no one passes a motion that changes your life!  As always, and by tradition, the Clerk insures order.

Unlike all other township meetings, the elected officials -- Supervisor and Trustees -- have no official role other than as electors.  Only the Clerk has a defined function, as the person who calls the meeting to order and supervises the election of a Moderator.   The Clerk also reads the Supervisor's financial report, on file 30 days before the meeting.

Come have some fun.  Ask questions.  Get to know what your officials have been doing.  Meet your neighbors at an old-fashioned exercise in local democracy.

For information, contact Moraine Township at 847-432-3240 or consult meeting minutes online at


Posted March 17, 2007

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