Moraine Township

Pete Koukos, Assessor
Letter to the Editor
August 27, 2007

Dear Editor:

As you know, we had originally planned to close the assessment books for Moraine Township on August 27th. However, I had asked our County officials to delay publishing the assessment rolls until September 27th so as not to interfere with the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. As it turns out, we need to do more work to be certain our assessments are as fair and equitable as we can make them. So, we will close the books o/a 9/15/07.  (Remember, the date of the quadrennial re-assessment is 1/1/07.)

Frankly, we will not achieve perfection in a mass appraisal system. As you all know, sales and sale prices are much lower than the past three years experience. We are required by State statutes to perform our sales ratio analyses based upon the previous three year's medians. This obviously skews the results as they pertain to today's market. We will do our best under very uneven circumstances. If you believe your assessment is higher than the market value of your property, please see us first. And, the County has prepared an online comparison grid for your property to make it easier for you to find comparables for an appeal.  You can get the information at, click Property Assessments, then Assessment Information and Comparable Search. However, the site still needs some work to get the appropriate comparable homes in all instances. Just another reason to review the information with us before you file an appeal.

Pete Koukos
Moraine Township Assessor
777 Central Avenue
Highland Park IL 60035

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