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Moraine Township Receives $60,000 Transportation Grant

For Immediate Release March 1, 2007
Contact: Mari Barnes, 847-432-3240

Supervisor Mari Barnes announced that the Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park has awarded Moraine Township a one-year grant to underwrite the Moraine Door-to-Door paratransit van service for residents requiring assistance in getting to medical appointments.  The grant of $60,000 will allow the Township to increase its van service by leasing a second vehicle.

In operation since last May, Moraine Door-to-Door has been taking local seniors and disabled riders to medical appointments within and beyond Township borders in a 6-9 passenger paratransit van leased from PACE and otherwise completely paid for by Township funds.  Having secured Foundation support, Moraine Township will now lease a second van, with the priority on medical appointment travel, but with a plan to expand the type of destination.  Only medical appointment rides will be supported by Healthcare Foundation funds, in keeping with their mission.

Moraine Township also continues to maintain its senior taxi coupon program, and "Clinic Coupons" for patients of the Lake County Health Center clinic in Highland Park, to assist all residents to the quality of life embraced by this community.

"We deeply appreciate the generosity of the community-based Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park, and the efforts of their board members like Mayor Michael Belsky, for  this support," said Supervisor Barnes.

"Ridership has nearly doubled this winter, with vans often filled to capacity all day, so it is very clear that the demand is there for a second van.  We should gain some flexibility and efficiencies with two vans, and eventually be able to add on non-medical destinations to improve quality of life for our residents.

"Until PACE service catches up with the comprehensive transportation needs of residents in Lake County, we will continue to attempt to secure additional sources of funding to serve our seniors, disabled and economically disadvantaged residents with appropriate transportation services," Barnes continued.

"We are most grateful to the Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park for taking on this resource gap in support of resident medical access needs."

Moraine Door-to-Door operates Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm.  Appointments must be made 48 hours in advance so that staff can schedule efficiently.  Cost to users is $4 each ride, with caregivers and assistance equipment, if needed, riding at no extra fee.  Interested persons should call the dedicated van line number, 847-432-3000, to reserve a ride.  Call the Township general number, 847-432-3240, for further information, and consult the website at


Posted March 1, 2007

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