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Moraine First to Sign On With Lake County Paratransit Coalition

For Immediate Release:  October 14, 2005
Contact: Mari Barnes (847) 432-3240

At their meeting on October 6, the Board of Trustees of Moraine Township approved a Resolution of support on improving paratransit from the Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee. Moraine Township thus became the first organization to "sign on" officially to an organization whose goal is to create the first "borderless paratransit system in Lake County to meet the needs of seniors and persons with disabilities or medical needs."

The Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee has been operating on an ad hoc basis for two years.  Established by concerned agencies and local government units following a legislative forum at which a pending crisis in transportation was identified, members finalized By-Laws and a Resolution of support to create a formal organization as of their meeting of September 20.  The Resolution was brought before Moraine Township trustees on September 29, and was unanimously approved on October 6, according to Supervisor Mari Barnes.

"Seniors, especially, are impacted by voids in the transportation system.  We intend to take a leadership role in forming coalitions to solve the transportation problems of local residents," Barnes noted. 

"Township resident needs do not stop at township boundaries, so we have been working with other units of government and local agencies, and will continue to do so wherever possible, to find solutions and make the most efficient use of dedicated tax dollars."

Eric Weakly, Community Planner with the Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging has been co-facilitating the Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee.  He says "paratransit" is defined broadly to include transportation outside the normal, from door-to-door pickup and assistance to improved standard bus service.  The group has modeled their proposed solutions on that of DuPage County, which is touted as highly successful.  Weakly announced that Moraine Township's formal vote was the first one in to the Lake County organization.  Trustees Cynthia Plouché and Bryna Gamson are to be Moraine Township representatives to the coalition.

For further information about Moraine Township's participation in solutions to problems of seniors and other citizens challenged by transportation issues, contact Mari Barnes at (847) 432-3240.  Additional information and links may be found at, a website under development.


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