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2019 Grant Application period is now open. Submit the completed application and supporting materials by mail or in person to the Township Office by April 1. Fax copies are not accepted. Download an application (pdf).

Please read the Guidelines to be sure your agency is qualified to apply. If there are any questions, applicants can contact or call Clerk Brown 847-432-3240. The Township is happy to work with agencies unfamiliar with formal grant application processes, or ours in particular, and very much desires to save applicants the trouble of submitting inappropriate applications.

ALL questions on the application must be answered in full. Budgets must include all categories requested. Applications that do not follow the form and supply the requested information will be considered incomplete, and disqualified. Electronic submissions must be complete and sent by email at the same time as any required hard copy is delivered to the office, by April 1.

Electronic submission: Carefully name your files to associate with your agency (not "Moraine Township") since many submissions will be sent to the same email address. (Instructions are on the form.) Hard copy forms will continue to be required as well, with agency officer signature.

Carefully review instructions on the Grant Application for the current year so that all materials are submitted, electronically or in hard copies, as directed.

Grantees funded during one fiscal year are not guaranteed funding in successive years; amounts may also vary from year to year.

Contact Moraine Township with any questions by email or by phone, 847-432-3240.

About Moraine Township's Grant Program
Annual grants are made to a variety of nonprofit agencies providing non-sectarian programs or services for the benefit of people residing and/or working in Moraine Township. Programs funded must complement the mission of, but not duplicate services provided by, Moraine Township. The Moraine Township Grant Program gives special priority to addressing the needs of the elderly, youth, persons with disabilities, and the economically disadvantaged. Agencies chiefly supported by taxpayer dollars or otherwise affiliated with a taxing body are not eligible.

A volunteer Citizen Grant Advisory Committee recommends awards annually, and these are voted upon, in April or May for the following fiscal year, by the Board of Trustees.

Funding Amounts
In 2017, the Township awarded $200,000 in grants.

In the past, the Board has also made special capital grant awards separate from the annual Grant Program: in 2009, $25,000 was given to the Community Family Center towards the $100,000 pledge made by the Michael Bonamarte administration for a capital grant when the CFC begins construction; and in 2011, $50,000 was given to Family Service to cover costs of remodeling a new home for their Nuestro Center.

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Annual amounts granted to applicant agencies vary due to multiple factors: how many Moraine Township residents are served or might be served; the Township's participation impact; the degree of community support/volunteers involved; the amount requested by the agency; how closely the agency services to the community meet the mission of the Township; the historical relationship of the Township to the agency; and the number of qualifying applicant organizations in a given budget year.

Funding support cannot be presumed from year to year.

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Applications for funding support are available in the Fall online as a PDF from the Township website. Editing adjustments to the application have been made each year, so that renewing agencies should be cautioned to be certain they are requesting funds under the most current application terms.

Applicants are urged to contact the Township Clerk or a Grant Committee liaison to discuss any questions before submitting an application.

Applications are due to the Township Office by April 1.

The Citizen Grant Advisory Committee meets during April to discuss applications and make site visits or inquiries as needed. They Committee provides written, detailed recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees receives an oral and written report from the Advisory Committee at its regular Board meeting in April or May, and votes on grant awards at the next Board meeting.

Successful agencies are subsequently notified and requested to complete an agreement.

All grantees are required to make a presentation at a Township Board meeting sometime during the grant year to keep the public apprised of their programs, and to update the Board on who is being served by the Township's grant. Agency appearances are scheduled throughout the year, beginning with the televised meeting the fourth Thursday in April. Grantees are also required to submit an interim written report.

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Citizen Grant Advisory Committee
Under this formal Grant Program (established by the Mari A. Barnes administration in 2006), Citizen Grant Advisors and Committee Chair are appointed by the Supervisor, with the approval of the Trustees, to review applications and make funding recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Advisory committee members bring a wide variety of diverse experience and community involvement, and represent a cross-section of the demographics of the Township. Joining them as liaisons are two elected members of Moraine Township government.

Members serving for 2017 were led by John Ropiequet, Chair. Members were Laura Biagi, William Laegeler, Wendy Adams, and Ginny Schulte. Elected official liaisons were Clerk Gail Feiger Brown and Trustees Amy Zisook and Dwayne Douglas.

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Grantees for 2017

A Safe Place
support for domestic violence, assistance, and education

Blessings In a Backpack
support for program addressing food insecurity at North Shore School District 112 schools

Career Resource Center
support for counseling services for residents in employment transition

Center for Enriched Living
support for skill development & social activities for developmentally disabled residents

College Bound Opportunities
support for mentoring low income scholars from high school through college education

Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH)
support for preservation and increase of affordable local housing options

Family Network
support for After School Activity Program (elementary after-school program)
support for Right From the Start (Latino pre-natal to young family support)

Family Service of Lake County
support for Township residents' individual and family counseling services
support for Nuestro Center, a Latino resource center
support for Latino Youth Continuum, a program for students

Highland Park Community Nursery School & Day Care Center
scholarship funds for low to moderate income families with children in day care

Highland Park/Highwood Legal Aid Clinic
support for legal assistance on housing, immigration, and domestic violence

Jewish Child & Family Services/JCFS
support for mental health services especially to students at HPHS Drop-In

Jewish Council for Youth Services/JCYS-Champ Camp
support for tuition subsidies for low income youth in summer Champ Camp

Josselyn Center
support for outpatient mental health services for adults, children, adolescents and families

support for homeless individuals

Southeast Lake County Faith In Action Volunteers
support for Volunteer Caregiving for elderly, mobility challenged

Tri-Con Child Care Center
scholarship funds to supplement early child care and education for low income clients

See also our links page for access to existing websites, if any, for these agencies.

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