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Moraine Township Boundary Description

Moraine Township boundaries include all of the City of Highwood, most of the City of Highland Park, one precinct in the City of Lake Forest and one precinct in the Village of Deerfield, Illinois.

Moraine Township is primarily an Illinois residential lakefront community along the North Shore of metropolitan Chicago, just over the border from Cook County, and about half way between the Wisconsin border and the Chicago Loop. Township angular borders cross irregularly through meandering municipality boundaries. Only precincts are 100% within Township border descriptions.

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Maps of Lake County

To view individual precinct maps, visit the Lake County website.
Click HERE for a PDF of all Lake County townships (140kb)

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Detailed Map of Moraine Township

Click MorTwpmap for a PDF of Moraine Township in great detail, with color shaded municipal boundaries, parcels and roads. It also includes the locations of schools, libraries and other features. (2mb)

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Voter Information: Precincts

The voter identification card is the official source document for determining where to vote. A polling place is determined by the precinct number and is listed on the voter registration card.

After the 2010 Census, revisions were made to voting districts and precinct maps. Lake County revised precincts in Fall, 2011.

Precincts of Moraine Township: #203-#224
Lake Forest - 203
Highwood - 204 (shared with Highland Park), 207
Deerfield - 218
Highland Park - all other precincts, 205 through 224
[the remaining 3 precincts of City of Highland Park (387, 389, 397) are in West Deerfield Township]

Click MorTwpmap for a JPG of Moraine Township precincts, including street names, in black & white.

Click HERE to County Clerk page where you can find your precinct, polling place locations, addresses and maps.

Consult our Clerk page for more information on voting.

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