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Join Pantry Plants Garden Volunteers!

For Immediate Release
date: May 17, 2010
Contact: Mari Barnes, Supervisor, 847-432-3240,

Time To Get Out Gardening Tools & Help Work Our Garden

Volunteers have already begun to prepare the soil for Moraine Township's Pantry Plants Garden Project. Under the direction of veteran volunteers Sam Piro and Lead Gardener Fern Anderson of U CANN2, workers have been installing a deer fence, and laying out plots. They meet every Saturday, starting this week, May 22 at 9:00am, when young vegetables will be planted. The Garden is located in Woodridge Park, at the end of Barberry Road in Highland Park, on land provided and prepared for this use by the Park District of Highland Park. Plants have been generously supplied by Anton's Fruit Ranch since 2006 when the Project was implemented by Supervisor Mari Barnes. This year, two schools pitched in with plants grown from seeds, as well.

"With so much cooperation, this has always been a community-wide effort we are very proud of," commented Barnes.

This year, volunteer gardeners hope to work more closely with Township Food Pantry clients and other interested residents to provide fresh produce for the Pantry. The plan is to have plots assigned to clients, and have volunteers aid with advice, transportation and some labor. The hope is that in this process, members of the community will get to know one another better as well as provide nutritional supplements.

"Even if you are not a gardener, but want to help in some way, volunteer to drive people there, and stay for the camaraderie," says Barnes.

For information and photos from last year's Pantry Plants Garden Project, visit the Moraine Township website at or call 847-432-3240.



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