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Moraine Township Receives Stormwater Management's 2014 BMP Project of the Year Award

For immediate release date: January 24, 2015
Contact: Anne Flanigan Bassi, Township Supervisor, (847) 432-3240,

Moraine Township Receives Stormwater Management's 2014 BMP Project of the Year Award

The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) awarded Moraine Township the 2014 BMP (Best Management Practices) Project of the Year Award for its drainage project at Mooney Cemetery. The project was partially funded thanks to a generous grant from the Stormwater Management Commission Watershed Management Board.

Members of Moraine Township accept the 2014 BMP Project of the
Year Award

"Designed to address drainage issues and replace an aging asphalt driveway in a sustainable way, the project included environmentally-sensitive components such as previous pavers and two rain gardens," said Anne Flanigan Bassi, Moraine Township Supervisor. "Having the installation of the rain gardens completed with volunteers saved the Township significant expense and gave us all the satisfaction of working together to accomplish something lovely and worthwhile."

Lauded Mike Warner, Executive Director of the Commission, "The Township is being recognized for its Mooney Cemetery green infrastructure project designed for sustainability and constructed through the spirit of volunteerism and partnership."

This project is a model for partnerships. Over 70 volunteers from groups from around the Township and County pitched in to install and mulch 750 plants in two rain gardens, from Boy Scouts, Rotary Club, YouthBuild Lake County, Highland Park/Highwood League of Women Voters, restoration volunteers from the Park District of Highland Park to neighbors of the cemetery and in one case, a volunteer whose ancestors are buried in the historic cemetery.

"The Township has struggled with water issues at the cemetery for years. With surfaces less than 1% in pitch, it is very difficult to get land to drain efficiently, and ponding occurs in depressions," noted Landscape Architect Nancy Hannick. "Permeable pavers on the driveway allow water to be absorbed below the road bed and directed via pipes to two rain gardens."

"The results exceeded our high expectations," observed Bassi. "Even with heavy rains during the spring of 2014, there was no ponding water at the site."

The Township is planning an open house and tour of the project next summer, with Master Gardeners and the Landscape Architect providing instruction to the public about the benefits of natural landscaping drainage solutions.

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