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Feed the Meters, Feed Your Neighbors

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Feed the Meters, Feed Your Neighbors

The change collected at the two new "parking" meters installed in downtown Highland Park will lead to positive change in the community's fight against food insecurity. Spearheaded by Namrita Narula, a sophomore at Highland Park High School, all funds collected from the donation station meters will be used to purchase fresh produce for the Moraine Township Food Pantry.

"Food insecurity is a reality in our community," noted Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering, "and we were thrilled when Namrita came to the City Council with the request to have the collection sculptures in downtown to provide additional funding for the Food Pantry."

The first installed meter, in the familiar shape and vibrant orange color of a carrot, was unveiled Saturday, November 21st in Port Clinton Square. Designed by local artist Heather Lowery, the meter was created to be eye-catching to grab attention, while visually communicating the mission of the project.

A second meter, designed by Scott Okin and executed by local artist Marilee Cole and Namrita, will be installed in December near Michael's Restaurant in downtown Highland Park. The meter's art will convey the same plentiful message with its light green base covered in images of colorful fresh fruits and hearty vegetables.

"I really appreciate all of the time and effort that Heather, Scott and Marilee dedicated to making my vision come to life," said Namrita, "and I look forward to continuing to work with Moraine Township to address food insecurity in this community."

Photo pictured from left: Anne Flanigan Bassi, Moraine Township
Supervisor; Namrita Narula, Seeds of Knowledge; Nancy Rotering,
Highland Park Mayor

As for Namrita's time and effort, she has dedicated over 500 hours to "Seeds of Knowledge", the community service project she founded to help combat food insecurity in Highland Park and educate children about the importance of healthy eating through an engaged gardening experience. During the summer she grew 93 pounds of fresh vegetables in their plot at the Township garden, which were donated to the Food Pantry.

"We are inspired by the compassion and dedication of this young woman to help our neighbors going through difficult times," commented Moraine Township Supervisor Anne Flanigan Bassi.

The "collection meter" idea germinated during Namrita's trip to Florida in August when she noticed a bright yellow parking meter with no cars in sight. When she investigated, she read that all of the change collected from the meter was going to be used to support the homeless in South Beach. After her successful summer of growing food for the pantry she had been looking for a way to continue to address food insecurity in her community and the produce meters were born.

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