Moraine Township

October 10, 2012 and again December 5, 2012

Moraine Township was the host organization convening a meeting on behalf of the Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee/LCCTSC. Present were mayors, senior center staff leaders and all five township Supervisors from contiguous townships affected by the planning proposals. They heard presentations from LCCTSC Board members and Pace. Ideas met with enthusiasm, and a second Transit Forum was held, also hosted by Moraine Township, on December 5. There, they heard from experienced Ride-In-Kane and Barrington Area transit leaders, and Pace staff. The goal is to improve collaboration and coordination among all townships in Lake County, to provide cost-effective and reliable public transportation, with an emphasis on seniors and paratransit as well as work destinations. Discussion and planning will be ongoing.

  room overview
Libertyville Township Supervisor and LCCTSC Board member Kathleen O'Connor presents background information to attendees at Highland Park's Police Department facility.

four supervisors
Four Supervisors: Julie Morrison (West Deerfield), Gale Strenger Wayne (Shields), Mari Barnes (Moraine) and Kathleen O'Connor (Libertyville) at October meeting.

Supervisor Peterson and Mundelein Mayor Flynn
Bill Peterson (Vernon Township Supervisor) and Mike Flynn (Asst. Village Manager, Mundelein)

Peterson and 3 Supers
Bill Peterson joins his fellow Supervisors at October meeting.

  reps and staff
Attendees and presenters at October meeting: front - LCCTSC Board member Shirleyann Russell, Lake County Board member Anne Flanigan Bassi, Valbona Kokoshi (Lake County DOT Senior Planner); back - Lake County Board member/rep to LCCTSC Steve Montsier, Emily Karry (Lake County DOT Principal Engineer), Tom Groeninger (Pace Suburban Bus)

Barnes Welcomes
Supervisor Mari Barnes welcomes participants to second Forum in December

participants Dec
December meeting presenter Joyce Palmquist (Barrington Area Council on Aging), Emily Karry (Lake County DOT Director of Programming & Planning), Anne F. Bassi, Steve Carlson (incoming Lake County Board rep to LCCTSC), Sally Anne Williams (Pace Suburban Bus), Paula Trigg (LC DOT County Engineer), Valbona Kokoshi (LC DOT)

Supers Dec
Supervisor Mari Barnes and then-County Board member Anne Flanigan Bassi

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