Moraine Township

"Archaeological Geophysicist" Takes Survey Information Fall, 2010

In an effort to determine where there are graves at historic Mooney's Cemetery, Moraine Township hired Tim Horsley, PhD, an archaeological geophysicist and Assistant Research Scientist from the University of Michigan, to survey the property. For background information, read "Talk of the Township" Summer 2010 issue and our web pages about the cemeteries, and their known histories.

Overview Mooney Grid Layout
Supervisor and Records Manager observe Mooney's Cemetery
survey process as it begins on September 30, 2010

Mooney grid long view
Looking SE towards neighboring St. Mary's Cemetery

Mooney's grid
Red markers and grid lines approximate presumed grave plot locations,
in this view, looking quite orderly (Railroad Men's section)

Tim Horsley  Dr. Horsley
Dr. Horsley suited up for recording. A radar device is rolled between grid lines set out among presumed plots. Data is stored in the computer for later interpretation, expected to take several months.

Horsley making notes
Dr. Horsley makes notes during radar device data collection.
Many grave markers are placed confusingly, sometimes seemingly at head,
other times, seemingly at foot of plots, and irregularly spaced.

Horsley and red pegs
Horsley points out where some irregularities occur
near the boundary with St. Mary's Cemetery.

Supervisor and staff look at computer
Records Manager Shannon Mosier looks forward to information that may help
her reconcile the old card files with contradictory evidence seen in the field

looking at computer
Supervisor Mari Barnes and Records Manager Shannon Mosier
find Tim Horsley's data collection fascinating–and look forward to
achieving some clarity on "what lies beneath."


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