Moraine Township

Fall, 2009 Brings ADA Compliance, Accessibility, Client Privacy

Moraine Township remodeled office space to give clients better access and more privacy. Main doorway, aisles and a public lavatory were brought into ADA compliance to accommodate wheelchair and walker users. Food Pantry access is now safer, more efficient and easier to use. Interior access is provided to the separate Assessor's Office. The remodeling was completed by December 1. Thank you for your patience!

  Open Walls
Walls were taken down in September, 2009 at the Township Office
Exposed far wall seen here will have accessible lavatory & doorway to Assessor's Office

Paula, Shannon and Mari
Despite construction, it's "business as usual" to staff members Paula Peddle and Shannon Mosier,
along with Supervisor Mari Barnes

Pantry Plants
Even the Pantry Plants Garden produce was distributed
and the Food Pantry remains open during construction
This view will become partitioned private offices and workroom/kitchen.

Cortesi and Barnes  
Owner Richard Cortesi and Mari Barnes discuss
ADA doorway and lavatory remodeling at the Moraine Township Office

empty space
In September we said "and this will go here... and that will go there..."
This view from what will be the receptionist desk/weclome station.

Barnes October  Barnes Welcomes
In early October: Supervisor Mari Barnes stands where we'll welcome the public  

welcome progress  Grizell welcomes
By mid-October, our new staff member Grizell Toledo can imagine using the welcome station...

new walls  office walls up
...while new confidential client office spaces also took shape by mid-October

Nov offices  Shannon_office
Early November brought more progress and even doors...

conference room lunch_workroom
views of conference/Board meeting space and employee lunch/workroom/Food Pantry staging area

view_fr_frnt welcome desk 
Reception area gets a coat of paint, and desks are moved in, early November

We Were (Still) Open September to December

Welcome Desk 
At last! We're ready for the public... December 1

hallway view Dec  hallway-kitchen Dec
All spruced up...wide handicapped-accessible corridors, workroom and private office spaces

Board Room
Moraine Township Officials in Board/Conference Room after December 10 meeting:
Trustees Dwayne Douglas, Bryna Gamson, Jackie Schechter, Margoth Moreno,
Supervisor Mari Barnes and Clerk Ellen Gussin

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