Moraine Township

Citizen Latino Advisory Committee

The mission of the Moraine Township Citizen Latino Advisory Committee is to enhance the ability of the Moraine Township Board of Trustees to make informed policy decisions regarding the local Latino community; and to encourage Latino residents to become involved in local government.

Initial objectives of the Moraine Township Citizen Latino Advisory Committee are:
•  to enhance the capacity of Township officials to understand Latino issues;
•  to improve direct communication between government officials and the constituent Latino community;
•  to inform the Board of Trustees about policy matters that could be discussed, changed, and/or implemented by government in order to improve efforts to meet the needs of Latino residents;
•  to inform the Board of Trustees, who, in turn, may inform the public and other governmental bodies about issues specific to Latino residents;
•  to encourage increased political participation of Latino residents of Moraine Township, supporting their efforts to work on issues directly affecting them and/or their neighbors;
•  to enhance positive government-resident relationships and further integrate Latino residents into the Moraine Township community.

The Moraine Township Citizen Latino Advisory Committee may have from 5 to 7 members. Members will include 3 to 5 members who are local residents, and 1 or 2 business members who may or may not reside in Moraine Township. The committee may decide to include youths (under 18), if they choose, in addition to the 7 members.

The chair and vice-chair shall be appointed by the Supervisor.

One or two Township Trustee Liaisons will attend each meeting.

The committee may meet bi-monthly while working to establish goals and then quarterly or as needed thereafter.

The committee will establish its term lengths so that no more than 3 positions change at one time, but allow enough turnover to bring in new people on a regular basis. Terms will be at least 2 years, and no longer than 5 years.

The meeting time will be early morning or evening, not to conflict with the work day. Meetings are public. A committee representative will address the Township Board as needed, or at least once per quarter.

This committee does not have a budget, so any requests for funds must be made to the Board of Trustees.

The committee does not have the power to act or speak on behalf of the Township. Its sole obligation is to bring issues to the Township Board. Issues brought to the Board will be decided by committee consensus. The committee shall request a response from the Board.

Adopted August 28, 2008

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