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Daggitt and Mooney


Moraine Township is responsible for managing two cemeteries, Daggitt (corner of Lake Cook Road and St. Johns Avenue) and Mooney/Mooney's (Ridge Road near Deerfield Road), both in Highland Park.

Both cemeteries became public, Township-managed properties only as recently as well into the second half of the 20th century. They were each originally private family-owned cemeteries. The 1960 acquisition of Mooney's Cemetery was agreed to by then-Deerfield Township Supervisor Frank Peers, in talks with the last of the Mooney family to manage it. Daggitt was thought to be abandoned by the 1970s, and various groups sought to clean it up, including the City of Highland Park, Park District of Highland Park, and various historians. By the 1980s, townships in Illinois were expected to take over abandoned cemeteries. The administration of Deerfield Township Supervisor Robert Moroney worked with committees from the City, Park District and the Highland Park and Glencoe Historical Societies to clean up and re-dedicate Daggitt (known as Braeside) Cemetery in 1996.

History Note
For those exploring the historical documents provided via these pages, a word of clarification: for most of the 20th Century, "Deerfield Township" was actually the east portion of the original Deerfield Township established in 1850; in 1889, West Deerfield Township split off from the original Deerfield Township. In 1998, "east" Deerfield Township was renamed to the present Moraine Township. Explore "About" page.

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Historical research has been published in two issues of our biannual newsletter, Talk of the Township, available here in PDF: Winter, 2010 chiefly on Mooney's and Summer, 2010 adding background on Daggitt. Link here to Daggitt and here to Mooney's for complete texts of just those articles, updated and annotated, including links to available documents cited.

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We are very interested in involving volunteers to help us with improving the records. Due to the fact that these are very old, family-run cemeteries, records have been lost and vandalism and weather have taken their toll. Those holding family deeds, or thinking they have plot ownership in either Mooney or Daggitt are strongly advised to contact the Supervisor to clarify information before the need to utilize a grave exists.

We also would love to hear from those with stories to tell, to add to the lore. Do let us know if you have personal information related to the cemeteries, by contacting the Supervisor's Office and check back soon to see what we report!

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