Moraine Township


State of Illinois Government Help
• Food Stamps ("Illinois Link" Card)

Department of Human Services
Application available online at

Information call: 1-800-843-6154 • TTY 1-800-447-6404
Hours 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday-Friday

• Financial Aid for seniors, disabled, economically challenged

Circuit Breaker program including Illinois Cares Rx prescription assistance
Go to

"The Illinois Department on Aging's Circuit Breaker program provides grants to senior citizens and persons with disabilities to help them reduce the impact of taxes and prescription medications on their lives. When the costs of property taxes and prescription medicines begin to 'overload' our seniors and persons with disabilities, this program steps in to help, just as a circuit breaker prevents overloads in an electrical system."

Applications for Form IL-1363 available online at

• Illinois Department on Aging

• Youth Healthcare

State of Illinois All Kids program – healthcare for children

Apply online via
All Kids Hotline 1-866-ALL-KIDS (1-866-255-5437)
TTY: 1-877-204-1012

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to help income-eligible households meet the high cost of home energy in Illinois.

You may be eligible to receive assistance under the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) if your household's combined income for the 30 days prior to application is at or below the levels shown on the chart linked here. If you rent, and your heat and/or electric is included in the rent, then your rent must be greater than 30% of your income in order to be eligible to receive benefits.

Full information is available online from this link:

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity is the organizing site

The Commerce site refers to the local entity in Lake County dealing with energy assistance, the Community Action Partnership of Lake County:

Local/Regional Assistance
Refer to our Moraine Township sponsored grantee organizations for services to the homeless, disabled, abuse or rape victims, job counseling, and more.

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